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22 Grams Recipe


  1. One bunch of incongruously varied people each filled with character, fun & mischief.

  2. Two owners also incongruously varied & each filled with character, fun & mischief.

  3. Desire to make the best coffee/food/pastries/bread we can from scratch 

  4. Pressure - that’s how diamonds are created right?

  5. Madness because we’re human not robots, because our dreams are bigger than we are, because sometimes we practice strength through unnecessary adversity 


Start with the soft tapping of the barista emptying the coffee basket followed by the grinding of coffee & the hiss of the steam wand texturing the milk...continue for 2 years. Once customers are consistently saying damn that’s a good coffee! or the tamer OMG this coffee is delicious! or the highest praise of all gesticulating at the coffee while eyeballing the barista  & stammering out only the beginnings of words to communicate the depth of the coffee experience being had. Now bring in the dreamers at a ratio of 1:5 have them constantly walk around the cafe interacting with customers ...they’re there because the purity of their good intentions & the impossibility of their dreams raises the positive vibrations of all around them. By now the chefs are well & truly needed & since they insist on wearing flamboyant shorts it is best to keep them out the back. Once the poached eggs are producing tears of joy from the customers bring in the bakers. Performance artists & kids clowns by nature it is best to keep this rare breed in full display behind glass -note this also keeps customers safe from food fights. When the croissants are bringing rockstar adulation for their creators & customers are entering into work areas to express their thanks you are almost there. Now you must use your imagination, the metaphor would be a rubix cube that has been purposely built to almost but never quite fully have a can never achieve the three rows of perfect green, red, blue, yellow etc.That sort of perfection would be anti 22grams. You need every day of work to be just as hard as the previous one (refer to last ingredient ), this is where the madness & the laughter lie...the failed cake, the batch of bread that doesn’t rise, the too muchness of peak times. Make sure the staff love each other & the customers to bits. Stir for a decade & you’re good to go.

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