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why the name?

Coffee is a wild ride. It fluctuates – beans, regions, seasons, weather, aging - all change and affect the flavour in the cup. As roasters & makers of specialty coffee, we’re required to be wide awake to these many changes, some subtle, some dramatic. 22 grams, is the amount of coffee we put in each basket when making a coffee. It's as simple as that, except we actually measure it for each shot. As a name, it is symbolic of the attention given to measurement when dealing with such constant & varied change. You better have some things locked down when you’re chasing a peak experience & then hoping to repeat it. For us, it’s the measurement. Beyond this, it’s tasting, tweaking, discussing & arguing our perspective & preferences with each other. 



why coffee roasting matters

Friendship & rock’n’roll are the foundation of coffee roasting at 22grams.

Jeff, a dear friend & long term musician helped us get our cafe off the ground by working a few shifts as a barista. It soon became apparent that his finely tuned attention, honed through music was now being applied to coffee-he was getting people’s mouths to sing in a new way which he also found deeply satisfying.
When we decided to roast our own coffee Jeff took the helm & has been chasing & delivering that joy of life coffee experience ever since. The bands been together for years so to speak & the coffee has never tasted better & the friendship continues to grow deeper.

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