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baking from the heart
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Opportunity, an abundance of great staff & a desire to make ‘stop you in your tracks & reflect on how good it is to be alive’ bread & croissants. While borrowing from tradition we are not beholden to it ... we are continually evolving following the latest in food science & our own intuitions continuing the search for ever flakier, lighter, crisper horizons.

One customer asked how we recruited our pastry chef/bakers for our new store. The answer- we didn’t. Hazel had the idea for a bakery, Doug went off & learnt how to make bread, Leon who already was an excellent pastry chef began perfecting croissants & well Michel who’s French accent is a constant reminder (if slight condescendion) of where he did his apprenticeship already possessed all the necessary knowledge & simply kept on keeping on.


by twenty two grams


F$$k yea, who doesn't like bread

Our Sourdough is made from flour, water & salt - that’s it! ...& a 36 hour process from starter to fermentation to hand-shaped loaf. This is how bread has been made for the last 3500 years. Some things are better done slow. The long fermentation process releases otherwise inaccessible nutrients & minerals, and substantially reduces gluten. The result is bread that tastes better, is better for us & easier to digest.

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