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You are very welcome, thank you for joining us. Your eggs are on their way-perfectly cooked whites & runny yolk, your super fresh salad will be ready in a minute & here is your coffee roasted on site & made just the way you like it.


We want to make you happy, to greet you warmly, to share a bit of banter if you’re up for it, to allow you to refuel and re-energise, in a space where you belong-because you do our customers are our focus & point of being. We consider ourselves a happiness experiment of sorts-how much happiness, comfort, sense of belonging can 22grams bring to Randwick. Thank you for being part of the experiment.


Everything we do is done from scratch, with an irrational amount of care. All our chicken and eggs are free-range and the fruit and veggies are locally grown where possible. We’re as fussy about food as we are about our coffee. Which says a lot.

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